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Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan

Tai chi is a martial art that combines health promotion and physical awareness. The form involves slow and flowing choreographed postures that help focus awareness on the body's alignment and energy (or "qi") flow. While it can require a moderate level of intensity, Tai Chi is low impact and can therefore be enjoyed by practitioners of most ages and fitness levels.

Developed over hundreds of years, the practice originated with the Chen family in China in the 1600s. Over the years, Tai Chi has been influenced by martial combat forms, meditation, Taoist philosophy, and Chinese medical theory and emphasizes the qualities of softness and stillness to promote health.

Tai Chi Benefits

When practiced regularly, Tai Chi can help clients gain greater body awareness, optimize energy flow, and improve overall health. Specifically, research indicates that Tai Chi:

  1. Improves cardio-respiratory function
  2. Improves balance and postural control
  3. Improves flexibility and strength
  4. Decreases blood pressure and stress
  5. Improves immune function

Class Schedule

Please send Jude an email for more information about upcoming sessions and classes.

Jude is available for on-sight workplace or community based Tai Chi classes.

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